Updated: December 2, 2019

Our Purpose and Qualifications

Cadence Controls is a recognized provider of innovative products, solutions, and consulting services for machine process controls used in factory and building automation applications. We are knowledgeable on processes that involve measuring, controlling, and recording. Cadence Controls is committed to the successful integration of control and automation products that increase productivity while reducing overall costs. Cadence Controls is dedicated to positive customer relationships  and on time deliveries that increases our clients long-term success.

Let our Cadence Controls team assist you with products and enginnering ideas that range from simple mechanical componenets to complete machine control based solutions. Through our extensive background of 25+ years in the industrial process controls and automation industry, Cadence Controls is also available and qualified to consult with you on your process control and automation needs.

We are "In Step with your Needs"

About Cadence Controls

Process Control Consulting

At Cadence Controls, we have years of extensive knowledge with Process Controls and Process Applications.  We guide our customers in the best direction to meet the unique process manufacturing needs.  Solutions include from stand-alone process control to complete integrated systems.

Industries Served

As Process Control experts, Cadence Controls serves a wide variety of industries.  We are known for our knowledge and skills that bring our clients the best solution to their unique requirements.  We specialize in heat transfer, metal heat treatment, plastic processing, and test chambers.

Product Choices

Cadence Controls has developed strong relationships with leading industry Process Control manufactures and suppliers.  We have chosen suppliers that meet our high standards with quality products and strong life of product support. Our goal is to ensure our clients can maximize their returns.

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